Australia has a great educational industry. Australian universities attract more international students from all over the world than most other countries. The question is: does Australia produce the leaders that the Deloitte report targets?

    Take France, England, Spain and Italy: here we find the most prestigious European businesses schools with all the credentials that MBA seekers look for around the world, also in Australia. However, if you look at the outcome of management education and assess the performance of industries in these economies one has to admit that these very prestigious business schools must be doing something wrong. At least they don’t produce the leaders that these economies would need in order to compete successfully in this global world.

    With the dominance of small and medium sized businesses in Australia, particularly in the manufacturing sector why doesn’t Australia look at how the Germans grow their business leaders? These leaders manage 3.5 million medium sized businesses that compose 50% of hidden world champions. Their training, quietly and effectively outperforms the Anglo-Saxon educational system.

    Reference to the article in The Australian of 05.09.2016