During my recent trip to Australia I have been asked many times whether I see a future for the Australian manufacturing sector. Is Australia competitive enough to withstand the power of globalisation? How can Australia successfully commercialise local innovations internationally?

    In the light of these questions I thought to share a video on the German Mittelstand (medium sized companies). This video offers outstanding insight how these German companies become world leaders in their specific market segments. Watch the video twice and answer the following questions:

    1. What are the central pillars of the German Mittelstand (medium sized companies)
    2. How is innovation put into practice? Any governmental support needed?
    3. What is the key driving force behind these companies?

    I believe there is a bright future for the Australian manufacturers. As IBR we are looking forward to contributing to this success with our Global MBA. The video brings to the point how we see the set up of sustainable business. Interestingly, this works all over the world…

    Dr. Andreas Kelling