„You can change the world and make it better! Stop burying your dreams in the cemetery of your mind! Be encouraged and correct what is wrong, improve what can be improved and help people around you to live a better life”. This is the essence of entrepreneurship, small scale and large scale. This is what the IBR Global MBA is about.

A fantastic example of German entrepreneurship is Meyer Werft, a ship building company based in the little town of Papenburg in Northern part of the country. It was founded more than 200 years ago. Today the company is in the seventh generation family ownership and still driven by the desire to address client needs faster than anyone else.

The latest example: February 21st, 2017 Meyer Werft announced LNG for luxury cruise liners as fuel for the future. With LNG Meyer Werft breaks a completely new technological ground in this industry. Meyer Werft managing partner Bernard Meyer expressed pride in driving a ‘quantum leap in environmental protection’. This is great news against the background of competition in the market. In Europe, the Fincantieri Group fights with Meyer for the position of being the world market leader. Interestingly it is a competition between a small entrepreneurial family owned company against a state funded giant. And Meyer stays clearly ahead of Fincantieri.

This is encouraging news for our Global MBA students and graduates. Within the framework of the Global MBA we coach them to clearly understand why they and their companies are in this world and how they can take the lead in their particular industry whilst changing the world and making it better.