Steinbeis University Berlin

Steinbeis is one of the world’s most successful providers of know-how and technology transfer from Germany. Central to all projects we work on: the success of our clients, co-workers and partners.

All our students work at a company in parallel to their degree, managing in-house projects for the “sponsoring company” with the support and input of our university professors, who are also active members of the business and academic community. This approach enables students to use the knowledge they have gained to create new knowledge that that can be circulated immediately within the company and applied to new solutions, products, and services.

More than 30 years of Experience

The Steinbeis brand has stood for the successful transfer and sharing of know-how and technology for over 30 years. Steinbeis builds made-to-last bridges between the source of knowledge and the area of application. This is because Steinbeis employees are at home at both ends of the bridge. The university is a private, state-approved tertiary institution and an enterprise within its own right within the Steinbeis Network. It offers students and companies a variety of degree programs including PhDs.