Global MBA Faculty

In addition to their academic qualification, our faculty members are able to relate to business challenges of our clients since two thirds of our professors run their own international companies. Furthermore, on average 15 years of executive management experience qualify them to not only coach students academically, but also professionally.

Andreas Kelling
Andreas KellingDr., M.S., B.A.

Teaching strategic management and creation of new ventures in turbulent and unpredictable times:

André J. Watkins
André J. WatkinsProfessor, D.Com, Engineering (D.Phil) and Technology (Ph.D)
South Africa

André mentors IBR students in order to let them create tangible value through applied research for themselves and the businesses that they represent.

Adrienne Rubatos
Adrienne RubatosMBA, MSc. B.S.

Solving problems in operations across cultures embraces the focus of Adrienne’s contribution to the IBR Global MBA. She incorporates into her teachings the experience of managing human resources across cultures, from Europe to the Far East and North America.

Keith N.Cleland
Keith N.ClelandProfessor, PhD, MA, BA, Dip Ed., FCPA, MACE

Keith’s background includes executive management positions, international management consulting and ten years as Founding Professor of Accounting, Finance & Business Studies in Australia and Europe.

Danny Abramovich
Danny Abramovich


Danny is passionate about marketing and teaching entrepreneurs and larger companies to communicate effectively

János K. Illéssy
János K. IlléssyPhD, MBA, MSc

Janos has a passion for teaching financial management. Within the context of the IBR Global MBA he invests himself in equipping executives with tools that they are able to apply in practice.

Paula Huysamer
Paula HuysamerBSc, Kandidaatsexamen, MSc, PhD
South Africa

Paula’s interest in the management world focuses on investments and the facilitation of international business ventures.

Andreas Kielwein
Andreas KielweinBA, MA

As a member in the IBR Global MBA faculty, Andreas focuses on coaching executives in order to equip them with the required skills to create successful new ventures as intra- or entrepreneurs.

Emile Vanbeckevoort
Emile VanbeckevoortProfessor, B.D. B.K. & O.M., Lic. B.W., Kan.B.W.

Specialising in international strategic and human resource management: As a true Belgian, Emile has gained teaching experience in many regions of the world, with European, Asian, American and African universities.

Eli Dorfman
Eli DorfmanBSc, MBA

How to operationalize strategic management planning at all levels in organisations is Eli’s research and teaching interest.

Thorsten Leiner
Thorsten LeinerDiplom Kaufmann

Thorsten’s interest in the IBR Global MBA is in facilitating the development of executive management skills that are needed to run businesses successfully.

Larry Stout
Larry StoutPhD., MBA, B.A.

Leadership education is at the heart of Larry’s passion. He invests himself in the development of progressive leaders.

Peter Knight
Peter KnightM.A., H.N.D., B.A. (Hons).
United Kingdom

Peter is the author of the Human Resource Management Module in the IBR Global MBA. Students enjoy working with him as he has a rich background in coaching, and mentoring working professionals who study executive management programmes in leading European business schools.

Jakobus Malan
Jakobus MalanPhD, M Com, B Com Hons, B Com
South Africa

Kobus is an expert in facilitating distance learning. He has been pioneering IBR business consultation sessions via web conferencing technology.

Andrea Leiner
Andrea LeinerMag. Phil.

Andrea’s main objective is to encourage MBA students to reflect on own management behaviour and to coach them in shaping their personality to the next level.

Kevin D. Stringer
Kevin D. StringerProfessor, Ph.D, MA, BSc

Kevin teaches strategic management with a particular focus on the banking sector, off-shore and global outsourcing.