Embracing the future in practical learning

IBR graduate students tackle real and complex challenges while receiving mentorship within a genuine day-to-day work setting. This approach represents the future of effective learning. In IBR, graduate degree programmes are customised to suit each individual, seamlessly integrating work and study into one cohesive experience. The result is an extraordinary level of productivity in both work and study.

IBR graduate students study based on real-world complex challenges as part of their daily work. Their studies are custom-tailored to seamlessly integrate with their professional responsibilities. Personalized learning represents the future of adult education, and our students have the privilege of experiencing this today.

Furthermore, our graduate studies contribute to reshaping our students’ organisations in response to strategic demands, mentored by IBRs professional and academic faculty experts. This is how IBR students embrace the future in practical learning, which leads to significant value creation for both themselves, their employers, and even companies that they plan to start up.