Made in Germany

When individuals are presented with a multitude of options for bachelor's, master's, and PhD programs, a key question that naturally arises is why they should consider pursuing a German degree rather than one from the UK, Australia, South Africa, or the United States. While there are several compelling business reasons that can address this question, the most significant factor lies in the emphasis that German higher education places on practical, applied orientation, which is driven by industry needs. Traditional universities often prioritize the acquisition of purely academic qualifications, whereas German higher education focuses on practical skills applicable in real-world contexts.

This emphasis on practical skills is reflected in the globally recognized reputation of German-manufactured goods and services, known for their exceptional quality. This reputation is further strengthened by Germany's thriving economy and impressive track record in exports, achievements that are made possible by German expertise and the country's entrepreneurial spirit.

IBR – designing world-class programmes

Products and services branded with "MADE in GERMANY" instantly convey a sense of quality and exceptional skill. This principle is equally relevant to degree programmes offered in Germany. The Global PhD, the Global MBA, and IBRs contribution to Global Bachelor programmes are prime illustrations of IBR's ability to deliver high-quality university programmes of significant importance, designed to equip students with exceptional expertise in business management and technology.

This is further supported by the six FIBAA accreditations earned by IBR's Global MBA, consistently affirming its innovative approach to executive management education. IBR's study programmes are adaptable to diverse cultures around the world and seamlessly integrate theory and practice in an unprecedented manner.