Programme Curriculum

The curriculum has been designed to empower working professionals in making decisions. They will gain decision making confidence by solving on average 24 management practical problems rather than memorising theory in order to pass examinations.

Module 1


International Business

In Module 1 you will appreciate how your workplace is part of a larger international world. In particular you will assess how globalisation affects your workplace today, and how you believe it will be affected in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, we will challenge you to assess your abilities to communicate and negotiate across cultural borders. In order to be able to appreciate the uniqueness of your home country in this global world, you will design a proposal that calls for foreign direct investment into your company.

Courses for this module include:

  • The nature of international business
  • Cross cultural management
  • International business law
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Module 2



In Module 2 we will change the perspective and focus on you and your workplace. You will have an opportunity to assess your management skills and principles you apply in managing people around you. In addition to looking at you, we will also tackle the challenge how one can plan strategically for a venture in an unpredictable world.

Courses for this module include:

  • Principles of effective management
  • Tasks and tools of effective management
  • Residential period: strategic management
  • Strategic management
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Module 3


Financial Management

In Module 3 you will be able to analyse and evaluate the performance of your company/workplace as revealed in financial and other data you are able to access. In addition to this, you will have to evaluate the company/workplace performance including a possible investment based on the analysis of internal account data. Finally, we challenge you to plan on-going performance based on findings in your prior analysis and the residential period.

Courses for this module include:

  • Financial accounting
  • Financial planning 1
  • Residential period: financial management
  • Financial planning 2
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Module 4


Marketing Management

In Module 4 we will tackle the essentials of marketing planning and implementation. You will have an opportunity to assess your marketing planning processes and plan, and to develop real marketing ideas in order to boast sales. Furthermore, we will see how marketing research can help you to reduce risks in making marketing decisions. In our residential period on marketing, you will develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your workplace/company. The module will conclude with an assessment of your communication success.

Courses for this module include:

  • Strategic marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Residential period: marketing management
  • Marketing decision and managing activities
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Module 5


Human Resource Management

In Module 5 we will invite you to analyse your recruitment, selection and placement activities, practices how your company organises employee learning and appraisal and performance of staff. The final course will look at an assessment of your personal management skills whereby you will pay particular attention on empowering people, delegation, on building effective teams and on leading positive change.

Courses for this module include:

  • Recruitment, selection and placement of HR
  • Learning and employee development
  • Appraisal and performance of HR
  • Residential period: HRM
  • Development of management skills
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Module 6


Operations Management

As an introduction to Module 6 you will be equipped with skills to improve your personal performance as a project manager. In the second part of Module 6, you will assess the transformation system of your workplace in order to develop options for the improvement of transformation processes in the light of the organisation’s strategy. In addition you will develop options for the improvement of the supply chain in light of satisfying customer’s needs all along the supply chain. With developing a balance score card you will complete this module.

Courses for this module include:

  • Project management
  • Operations processes: designing, monitoring, improving
  • Supply chain management
  • Residential period: operations management
  • Strategic performance management
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Module 7


IT for Managers

For Module 7 you will have to become programmer in order to pass. We rather like you to appreciate how IT and IT applications will change the way how we conduct business today, and actions that need to be taken today in order to be in business tomorrow.

Courses for this module include:

  • Competitiveness and IT
  • IT and organisational applications
  • Managing IT and strategy
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Module 10


Master Thesis

With the master thesis your MBA comes to an end. As experienced in course work before, we will ask you to solve a practical management problem again, which obviously differs in scope from the assignments you wrote before. Important for IBR is that you will create value for you personally and/or the company that you selected as a case. This module starts with a comprehensive residential period that will guide you to design a very practical road map for your research project. Opposite to all other residential periods, the research professor will work with each student on a one on one basis. This offers you a maximum of personal attention and guarantees that you have a very clear idea of how to tackle your research project.

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