Andreas Kielwein


Andreas has been an international university lecturer, business consultant, trainer and coach in the automobile, construction, banking, and insurance industries. His clients are international universities, multinational companies like the Mercedes-Benz Group, internationally operating small-and-medium sized companies, and non-for-profit organizations.

He is an expert in operations, human resources, and leadership. His current interest focuses on mastering complexity in organisations; also, in designing sustainable change management processes across cultures at executive level.

Teaching responsibilities in IBR

  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management
"Prof Kielwein’s enthusiasm for the subject matter, and his very practical approach, shed some light on the extremely complex, but crucially important discipline of strategic human resource management. That HR is not the exclusive domain of the HR department, became abundantly clear. The film is still rolling, thanks Prof Kielwein!"
Irvin Moller, Switzerland