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The IBR Institute of International Business Relations represents executive management education that originates from Germany. We provide coaching and mentorship to our clients in "planting" and "growing" their businesses, business units, and careers. Through this, we reveal the key to the entrepreneurial and management achievements that underlie the success of the German economy.

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IBR Institute of International Business Relations

"Since its establishment, IBR has consistently been a pioneer in reimagining and redefining traditional academic education," highlights Professor Kelling, Director of IBR.

Study opportunities

IBR innovates education with the most effective learning design, evidenced by study opportunities at bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate level. How?

Vision and Mission

IBR's vision is to establish the most significant form of higher education through partnerships with universities across the globe. We are dedicated to tackling the most pressing educational requirements of today, and our aspiration is to witness students making a difference in the world, guided by their faculty mentors. Our mission serves as a constant source of inspiration for us.

IBR History

IBR's history is a best practice example of German craftsmanship, global entrepreneurship and exporting, what the world considers to be "made in Germany".

Our academic team

IBR is all about people from various corners of the world who bring with them extraordinary practical experience alongside their academic backgrounds, and they share a deep passion for mentoring students.

Motivation for enrolment

IBRs students take great pride in choosing the most innovative study opportunities at the bachelor's, master's, and doctorate levels. Why do they choose IBR?

Embracing the future in practical learning

Our students engage in practical learning experiences that are unparalleled in traditional academic study environments. As a result, they are already positioned to embrace the future and stand at the forefront. Why?

Best practice for a global learning experience

At IBR, we bring together the best academic practices from across the globe and make them accessible to our learners at the bachelor's, master's, and doctorate levels.

Global MBA Accreditation

The IBR Global MBA has been accredited by the German, Swiss and Austrian Foundation of International Business Administration Accreditation FIBAA since 1999, for IBR and IBRs academic partners.

IBR university partners

To fulfill its mission, IBR collaborates with universities across the globe. Through these collaborative partnerships, IBR offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral studies that exemplify education with a distinct "made in Germany" quality.

"The IBR study approach has completely changed my opinion about education, so much so that I decided to change my career, switching from business to academia"
Ganna Demydyuk, Business Consultant at Benefit Group, Berlin, Germany