Thorsten Leiner

Diplom Kaufmann

Thorsten’s interest focuses on facilitating the development of executive management skills needed to run businesses successfully. He challenges executives to intensively question their own personality traits, values, and personal understanding of what responsible leadership signifies.

Having worked for German multinational companies in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, he gained incredible experience in leading across cultures. He is a sought-after trainer at companies in the likes of Daimler, Bosch, Siemens, Commerzbank, and Adidas. In addition, he lectures for German universities.

Teaching responsibilities in IBR

  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management
“Many thanks to IBR and Prof. Leiner for the organisation this residential period. HRM is a very complex area of management. I admire the way Prof. Leiner was able in a short time to reveal important aspects of HR in a very practical manner.”
Sergey Bezridny, Managing Director Hospico LLC, Ukraine