Application requirements

Successful candidates are required to demonstrate the following abilities through their application documents and a compulsory interview with Global PhD research professors of the IBR Institute of International Business Relations.

Intellectual Capacity

Kairos University requires a completed first degree or academic equivalent to a first degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS credits (in the US: typically, 120 – 128 semester credit hours from a recognized accredited college or university).

Kairos University also requires a successfully completed Master program with thesis (total ≥300 ECTS credits for undergraduate and graduate coursework; in the US: typically, total ≥ 165 semester credit hours for undergraduate and graduate coursework from a recognized accredited college or university)

Personal Abilities

In the thesis you are required to show the ability to conduct an original investigation, to test ideas (whether your own or those of others) and to demonstrate a broad knowledge understanding of your discipline and of appropriate cognate subjects. You should also demonstrate knowledge of the research techniques appropriate to your discipline and show that it has been successfully applied. Your thesis should make a distinct contribution to knowledge and provide evidence of originality by the discovery of new facts or the exercise of critical power.

You are also required to show appropriate ability in the organisation and presentation of materials in your thesis, which should be satisfactory as regards clarity of expression and literary form, and most importantly have the added benefit to be dynamically applied. It should be in the English or German language, and should be suitable for publication, either as submitted or suitably abridged. Against this background, the focus of the doctoral thesis at IBR is centred on ‘original applied research’ undertaken in the ‘creation of new learning’ adding to the ‘existing body of knowledge’.

Language Ability

The Global PhD is presented in English or German. Should English or German not be your native language, IBR will need to be satisfied that you possess an acceptable level of English or German language acumen (written and verbal). Please contact your local IBR office for further information. It is of importance to note that the latter requirement is not compulsory for applicants who have lived in an English or German speaking country for over 2 years, or who have been educated in English or German.

Working experience

You have had at least 3 years of working experience after having received the master’s degree. Exceptions may occasionally be made based on extensive related experience prior to receiving the master’s degree. Such exceptions are normally considered because of three years full-time experience prior to the master’s degree as equivalent to one year of post master’s full-time experience.