Adrienne Rubatos

MBA, MSc. B.S.

Solving problems in operations across cultures embraces the focus of Adrienne’s contribution to IBRs master programmes. She incorporates into her teachings the experience of managing human resources across cultures, from Europe to the Far East and North America. Having worked in senior global management positions with a market leader in technology she is well acquainted with both the new and old economies. By consulting and coaching multinational companies in most different industries, she understands both the perspective from inside and outside of the corporate world.

Teaching responsibilities in IBR

  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management
"A fantastic and informative insight into the world of HRM. Most of the material can be implemented in practice immediately and I will surely implement in my new firm. Prof. Rubatos has been excellent as a lecturer/ coach, definitely world class!!!!!"
Faniel Kisting, Namibia