Optimal Formats for Working Professionals

Modern, dynamic, and upward mobile individuals operating in a highly competitive world just cannot avail themselves the time to study full time at a university. This is equally applicable for bachelor, master, and doctorate students. From a career perspective, it is just not financially viable to do so.

That is the background why candidates at bachelor level – particularly in the United States – ask the question: Does it make economically sense to start a career with outrageous debts that need to be paid back for many years after graduation? IBRs first degree students graduate with no debts, but a stable salary during the time of their studies. Furthermore, IBRs graduates outperform traditional graduates in employability, which leads to better job prospects and higher salaries.

Work and Study at the same Time

Part time programmes that require attendance for weekend classes are a real challenge for many post-graduate students in higher management positions. Executives can hardly oversee their busy schedules for two or three years ahead of time. Likewise, to leave a well-paid job for a year or two years to attain a full-time master’s degree, is for most executives is just unthinkable.

The solution lies in IBRs approach to design a modern learning environment, whereby you work and study at the same time. You commit yourself to participate in a few residential periods without adversely impacting on your career or job prospects as scheduled dates can be changed to map to your current commitments. The good news is that you don’t need to make time available for evening or weekend classes that must be attended on campus.