Global BA/MA

The Global BA/MA programme offers a unique educational pathway that combines undergraduate and graduate studies, with a focus on both academic and personal development. Here are some key points about the programme:

Double Degree Programme: The programme is designed to provide participants with two degrees - a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Master of Arts (MA). Both degrees are awarded by Kairos University in South Dakota, which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission in Chicago, United States. This accreditation ensures that the degrees are recognised in many countries, including the European Union and SADC.

Flexibility in Undergraduate Studies: In the first five semesters, students have the flexibility to choose an academic discipline of their preference for their bachelor's degree. The range of academic disciplines is extensive, covering fields such as engineering, digital technology, bio sciences, psychology, and more. This allows students to pursue their academic interests and passions.

Studium Generale: The programme also incorporates a unique component known as "Studium Generale." This part of the programme is designed to explore profound questions about identity, purpose, and the application of faith at work in today's post-modern society. It aims to provide a holistic education that goes beyond purely academic studies.

Global Management Studies: After completing the undergraduate portion, students transition to the master's level, focusing on global management during the next three semesters. This component equips students with essential skills and knowledge in management, which can be applied in various professional settings.

Practical Experience: The programme includes employment in a professional environment, allowing students to gain real-world work experience in addition to their academic studies. This hands-on experience is most valuable in applying their learning to practical scenarios and preparing for their future careers.

Interdisciplinary Expertise: The combination of an undergraduate degree in their chosen academic discipline, a master's degree in global management, and a focus on personal and faith-based development through the Studium Generale places graduates at the intersection of management and their field of expertise. This interdisciplinary approach can be advantageous in pursuing diverse career opportunities and contributing to the future of their chosen field. In summary, the Global BA/MA programme offers a well-rounded educational experience that not only provides academic knowledge but also focuses on personal development, practical skills, and the intersection of management and specialized expertise. Graduates from this programme are positioned to excel in a variety of career paths and make meaningful contributions to their chosen fields.

Pure facts

Tuition feeDependent on the region
Participants per groupmax 25
Duration4 – 5 years
US semester credit hours138
Awarded degreesBachelor of Arts (BA) and Master of Arts (MA)
Degree awarding universityKairos University

There is no better way to learn

Students study in their hometowns, Jerusalem (Israel), Athens (Greece), Oxford (UK), Prague (Czech Republic) and the Stuttgart area (Germany) as part of this programme. Throughout their studies, they acquire both local and global work experience and put into practice what they have learned within their local context. They also maintain their connection with local church communities and receive personal mentoring from trusted believers. Upon completing the programme, they will earn two qualifications in a span of four or five years: a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Master of Arts (MA), specialising in management, from Kairos University in the United States.

"There is no better way to learn": A significant portion of the students‘ educational expenses will be covered through IBR's work-integrated learning model. This means they will embark on a comprehensive educational journey that combines professional work experiences in various countries with exposure to academic and spiritual learning environments on different continents. In essence, IBR blends the strengths of African, American, and European university education into a single educational journey.