Programme design

The Global BA/MA consists of 4 distinctive learning experiences:

  • Learning Experience 1: Designing, planning, and managing your studies
  • Learning Experience 2. "Bachelor Studies": Laying foundations for a vocational context at bachelor level
  • Learning Experience 3 "Studium Generale": theological reflections on your identity and vocational calling in a post-modern society
  • Learning Experience 4 "Global Management": Complementing bachelor studies with business management at master's level



Learning experience 1: Designing, planning, and managing your studies

An important aspect of studying at Kairos University is to accept personal responsibility for shaping your own future and career. You demonstrate this by:

  • appointing personal and vocational mentors that accompany you in designing your personal learning experience.
  • seeking opportunities where you will work as a volunteer, employee, or entrepreneur locally and overseas.



Learning experience 2: Bachelor studies

You develop an academic foundation in 5 semesters (150 ECTS) of vocational excellence in disciplines of personal choice at a recognised university of your personal choice. In this learning experience you select a field of study based on personal interests, passion and needs in the market. In this process of selecting a university and field of study, Kairos University faculty mentors consult you with the purpose to create a coherent and personal plan of studies.The university invites you to creatively design your educational journey.

Kairos University faculty mentors recommend a study-related work attachment as part of this learning experience, which would allow you to start implementing the learning gained in the real world. Your vocational mentor is there to assist you in qualifying work opportunities locally and/or abroad.



Learning experience 3: Studium Generale

Parallel to bachelor studies, you participate in a learning experience called "Studium Generale". In the 21st century, the studium generale is especially symbolic of academic efforts to educate students broadly and offer topics outside their own fields of study. In this sense, Kairos University organises this learning experience for you to look beyond the limits of their academic disciplines and passionate to develop themselves. It is a combination of self-studies, academic debates, mentoring, and weekly residential workshops in Israel, selected European countries, and Southern Africa.

In this learning experience, you build a philosophical and theological formation, which is rooted in the treasures of the Judeo-Christian writings covering a timespan of more than 3,000 years, engaged, and complemented with contemporary thought and concerns.

The question of the formation of your life is a crucial one. It touches on important questions that IBRs Studium Generale intends to tackle, like:

  • Who am I as a human person and as a unique personality?
  • What is the goal of my life? What is my life’s vocation?
  • How can I live out my vocation—which characteristics and virtues do I possess? Which ones do I need to develop to be a fulfilled human person?
  • How do I master the art of learning for the sake of fostering the formation of my life as a well-educated and informed person?
  • Whom should I serve in my life and how?
  • Where is my place in a post-modern society and in the Church?



Learning experience 4: Global Management

Semester 6-8 focus on learning the craft of global management as the final learning experience in the Global BA/MA. Following the learning pattern of the Studium Generale, you apply theory by solving real management problems at work, facilitated by writing assignments, and attending web-conferences and six one-week workshops around the globe.

In six weekly residential workshops, held in European countries, Israel, and Southern Africa, you interactively tackle most current and exciting management challenges under the guidance of IBR Global MBA faculty members. Locations depend on your country of residence. With a maximum of 25 students, classes are small to allow personal interaction between professors and students.

In addition to residential workshops, assignments are designed to solve real management problems at your workplace thus creating real value not only for you, but also for your employer. Hence, work becomes an integrated aspect of your master studies. IBR complements each assignment with online tutorial sessions for peer feedback and faculty to coach you professionally, academically, and spiritually. It is the best example of truly work integrated learning, rooted in the experience of the German dual-education.

The learning experience “Global Management” covers modules at master’s level such as international management, strategy and transformation, finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and digital technology.